Reliable Partner in Rescue Operations

Saurus Sammutusautot

A Saurus Fire Engine is a combination of reliable technical solutions and perfect range of equipment for demanding use. Our Fire Engines are a prime example of world class know-how in rescue vehicle manufacturing.

A fire engine is an emergency vehicle with a fixed pump, a crew cabin for min 1+3, and equipment for firefighting, heavy rescue operations and hazardous materials prevention. A fire engine may be furnished solely for firefighting or heavy rescue operations.

- General guide for rescue vehicles / Pelastusajoneuvojen yleisopas

General features of Saurus Fire Engines

  • Stainless steel frame structure
  • Tank capacity 600 - 5,000 l (water, foam)
  • Tanks made of composite, hot galvanized steel or acid-proof steel
  • Pumps 500 - 4,000 l / min


Model ID

F = Fire
M = Medium duty, operative weight 7.5 - 16 t
S = Super, heavy duty, operative weight over 16 t
C = Crewcab
29 = water 2,900 l
27/2 = water 2,700 l / foam 200 l