Agile Access in Demanding Conditions

Saurus Kevytyksiköt

Saurus Light Units are built on the chassis of a light commercial vehicle - a van - or a light-weight truck. Light Units are readily suitable for demanding and special conditions in rescue and clearing operations. The individual features of Light Units make them perfectly equipped for example Arctic conditions, difficult terrain or small spaces.

A light unit is typically a light weight (L) vehicle with a pump and water tank, a crew cabin for min 1+1, and initial emergency response equipment for firefighting, rescue operations and hazardous materials prevention. A light rescue unit may be furnished solely for firefighting or rescue operations.

- General guide for rescue vehicles / Pelastusajoneuvojen yleisopas

General features of Saurus Light Units

Water tank capacity e.g. 100 - 1,000 l

Firefighting systems, e.g.

  • 40 l / min 100 bar (high pressure) and
  • 600 l / min 5 bar (low pressure)

Fixed equipment, e.g.

  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Floodlight masts
  • Penetration tools
  • High-pressure foam systems


Model ID

F = Fire
L = Light duty, operative weight 3 - 7.5 t
C = Crewcab
10 = water 1,000 l
10/1 = water 1,000 l / foam 100 l